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Accreditation Reference Manual 2020 (Print/Digital)
The new Accreditation Reference Manual has been completely revised to reflect the updated 2020 AASM Standards for Accreditation. Whether you are developing a manual for a new sleep facility, or refreshing your existing manual to comply with the updated standards, this reference will give you peace of mind in knowing that your facility's manual contains all of the policies and procedures required for AASM accreditation. This easy-to-use guide provides concrete examples of policies, procedures, forms and documents that you will need for your manual. These samples are provided for you to customize according to the specific needs of your sleep facility. Tabbed sections enable you to quickly access the information you need most at any moment. Also included are sections containing job descriptions for sleep facility technical staff, sample reports, and reference material. Solidify your policy and procedures manual by using the updated Accreditation Reference Manual!
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