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2017 Board Review Course Bundle of 20
2017 Board Review Course On-Demand
Help prepare for your board exam or just brush up on relevant topics in sleep medicine with the 2017 Board Review Course. This series of on-demand learning modules helps you learn, prepare, and solidify your training and studies. A series of 20 modules, this course allows you to access the content digitally and listen or watch on your own time.

Learning Objectives:
• Formulate a differential diagnosis for sleep disorders patients;
• Determine appropriate investigative strategies;
• Review and interpret sleep studies;
• Evaluate data and arrive at a final diagnosis; and
• Develop a comprehensive treatment plan for patients with sleep disorders.

This bundle contains the following modules:
  • Central Hypersomnia
  • Parasomnias
  • Technical Aspects of the PSG
  • Sleep-Related Movements
  • Circadian Sleep Wake Disorders
  • Normal Sleep
  • Sleep Neurophysiology
  • Case Reviews of High Yield Topics
  • Medication Effects on Sleep
  • Pediatric Sleep Medicine Review
  • OSA Diagnosis and Health Consequences
  • OSA Treatment and Management
  • Test Your Knowledge Questions
  • Insomnia of Childhood and Pediatric Behavioral Sleep Medicine
  • Sleep-Related Hypoventilation
  • Test Your Knowledge Questions
  • Sleep in Other Disorders
  • Insomnia

Estimated time to complete: 19 hrs

Target audience: sleep medicine professionals

Release date: September 10, 2017

Expiration date: September 10, 2019
Availability: On-Demand
Cost: Non-Member: $425.00
Member: $300.00
Credit Offered: 19 CME Credits
Contains: 20 Courses
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