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The Animals Sleep: A Bedtime Book of Biomes
With poetic text and colorful illustrations, The Animals Sleep: A Bedtime Book of Biomes emphasizes the importance of sleep for both animals and children.

This educational picture book explores the unique sleep environments of animals, taking children on a fascinating journey to see the world’s diverse biomes: from freshwaters and marine waters to the dry desert, and from dense woodlands and forests to the open grassland and tundra.

The beautifully illustrated landscapes allow children to discover new animals that are sleeping in each habitat. Beavers, zebras, jaguars, antelopes, crocodiles, and humpback whales are several animals that are highlighted.

Children also will be encouraged to get a good night of sleep when they see that a cozy bedroom is the perfect sleep environment for them! Additional information is provided to help parents and educators teach children more about biomes and sleep environments.
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