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AASM Coding Education Program (A-CEP) 2018
The AASM Coding Education Program (A-CEP) is an on-demand training program that teaches sleep center staff the key concepts of coding, insurance and reimbursement. By completing the program, staff members will have a working knowledge of procedure and diagnostic coding, insurance policy requirements and the claims submission process. After your purchase is complete, you will be able to view each module in My Learning.

This product is currently undergoing review and revision.

You must complete all 12 modules to earn AASM CEC credits.

Note: AASM Facility members can distribute free access for up to 5 staff members.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to identify:
  • The importance of proper coding and billing for sleep centers;
  • Key terminology used in procedure coding in sleep labs such as Evaluation and Management codes and codes used to report Polysomnography and other sleep studies;
  • The role of CMS in policy and reimbursement and discuss Medicare policies;
  • The different types of private insurance;
  • Claim submission and reimbursement rates; and
  • Compliance regulations such as, HIPAA and anti-kickback. 


  1. ACEP - Introduction
  2. ACEP – Procedure Coding for Sleep Medicine
  3. ACEP – Diagnostic Coding for Sleep Medicine
  4. ACEP – Evaluation and Management Coding 
  5. ACEP – Public Insurers and Insurer Policies
  6. ACEP – Private Insurers and Insurer Policies
  7. ACEP – The Insurance Claim
  8. ACEP – Establishing Efficient Coding and Billing Processes
  9. ACEP – Reimbursement ACEP – Patient Billing and Education
  10. ACEP – Patient Billing and Education
  11. ACEP – HIPAA, Fraud and Abuse
  12. ACEP – Developing a Compliance Program

Estimated time to complete: 3.75 hrs
Target audience: sleep center staff

Release date: 05/30/2018
Updated: July 2021

Availability: Retired
Credit Offered:
No Credit Offered
Contains: 12 Courses
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