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2019 Sleep Medicine Trends On-Demand
2019 Sleep Medicine Trends Bundle

Access video recordings and downloadable slides to all 24 lectures from Sleep Medicine Trends 2019. Reimagine sleep medicine by exploring new and comprehensive patient care strategies, the ever-changing legal and regulatory environment, emerging technologies, and more. 

Module Topics:

  1. Sunrise Board Review - Hot Topics: Hypersomnia and RLS
  2. Keynote Lecture: Sleep Medicine - Navigating Between Scylla and Charybdis
  3. The Role of NPs and PAs in the Sleep Team
  4. Reimbursement Trends for 2019...and Beyond
  5. Ten Papers You Should Know About from 2018
  6. Burnout and the Sleep Specialist: The Flame That Burns Twice As Bright…?
  7. Melatonin Use in Children: What's Rational? 
  8. "What's Shaking" in REM Sleep Behavior Disorder? Update in the Evaluation and Treatment
  9. Things That "Go Bump" in the Night - Parasomnias and Seizures
  10. Hypersomnia: How Can We Measure it and What do We do With it? 
  11. Actuarial Overview of Sleep Medicine Trends
  12. Sunrise Board Review - Hot Topics: Sleep Apnea and Insomnia
  13. I Could Never Wear That! Overcoming PAP Resistance with Strategies from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  14. ASV: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  15. BPAP and VAPS for the Sleep Provider
  16. Dental Management of Pediatric SDB: Science and Shortcomings
  17. Prediction of Oral Appliance Success in the Treatment of OSA. Where Are We Now?
  18. What a Nightmare! Understanding and Managing Nightmare Disorder for Sleep Specialists who Usually See Other Sleep Disorders 
  19. Sunrise Board Review - Hot Topics: Pediatric Insomnia, OSA, and NREM Parasomnias
  20. Drug-Induced Sleep Endoscopy: A Roadmap for CPAP Alternatives
  21. Role of Functional Nasal Surgery in Sleep Apnea
  22. A Primer on Medical Cannabis and Sleep
  23. Sleep Telemedicine in 2019: Where Are We Now?
  24. Consumer Sleep Technology in Clinical Practice

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this activity, participants will: 

  • Explore new comprehensive sleep medicine care strategies
  • Improve patient care through innovative approaches to evaluation and management of sleep disorders
  • Evolve with the ever-changing legal and regulatory environment
  • Gain insight into emerging technologies for the field

Estimated time to complete: 25 hrs.
Target audience: sleep medicine professionals

Release date: 04/15/2019
Expiration date: 04/15/2022

Availability: On-Demand
Available Apr 15, 2019 to Apr 15, 2022
Cost: Non-Member: $600.00
Member: $400.00
Credit Offered: 24.75 CME Credits
24.75 ABOHNS-MOC Credits
24.75 ABIM-MOC Points
24.75 ABP-MOC Points
24.75 AASM CEC Credits
Contains: 24 Courses
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