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2019 Parasomnias Lecture Package On-Demand

Gain online access to seven recent courses regarding parasomnias. Courses from Sleep Medicine Trends 2019, SLEEP 2018, Sleep Medicine Essentials 2018, and more are included. Also included is a provider fact sheet titled “REM Sleep Behavior Disorder as a Prodrome of Neurogenerative Disorders” and recent journal articles. CME is not offered.

Module Topics:

  1. 2017 Sleep Medicine Board Review: Parasomnias     Alon Avidan, MD
  2. 2017 Final Board Prep Course: Hypersomnias and Parasomnias     Alcibiades J. Rodriguez MD
  3. 2017-18 Sleep Medicine Fellowship Directors Council Webinars: Sleep Disorders, Criminal Behavior and the Law     Mark R. Pressman PhD
  4. 2018 Sleep Medicine Essentials: Things That Go Bump in the Night Rochelle     Zak MD
  5. 2018 Trends in Sleep Medicine: Board Review Hot Topics Central Disorders of Hypersomnolence, Parasomnia and Sleep Related Movement disorders     Lynn Marie Trotti MD, MSc
  6. 2019 Trends in Sleep Medicine: What a Nightmare! Understanding and Managing Nightmare Disorder for Sleep Specialists who Usually See Other Sleep Disorders     Timothy I Morgenthaler MD
  7. Provider Fact Sheet: REM Sleep Behavior Disorder as a Prodrome of Neurogenerative Disorders    Education Committee 2018-2019

Journal Articles:

JCSM2017v13n01 - Treatment of OSA with CPAP Is Associated with Improvement in PTSD Symptoms among Veterans
JCSM2017v13n08 - Veterans Affairs Primary Care Provider Perceptions of Insomnia Treatment
JCSM2018v14n05 - Insomnia and Nightmares as Markers of Risk for Suicidal Ideation in Young People Investigating the Role of Defeat and Entrapment
JCSM2018v14n06 - Insomnia Symptoms among Female Veterans Prevalence, Risk Factors, and the Impact on Psychosocial Functioning and Health Care Utilization
JCSM2018v14n07 - Responsiveness of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System to Zolpidem Safety Warnings
JCSM2019v15n01 - Early Postoperative Actigraphy Poorly Predicts Hypoactive Delirium
JCSM2019v15n02 - Nightmare Severity is Inversely Related to Frontal Brain Activity During Waking-State Picture-Viewing

Estimated time to complete: 10 hrs.
Target audience: sleep medicine professionals

Release date: 05/29/2019
Expiration date: 05/29/2022

Availability: On-Demand
Cost: Non-Member: $240.00
Member: $120.00
Credit Offered:
No Credit Offered
Contains: 2 Courses
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